Process engineering is the most overlooked element to a practice’s financial health, proving there’s a difference between working smarter and cutting corners. We have filled our tool box with user-friendly gadgets all designed to help you take control of your revenue. Providers are pleasantly surprised at the ease of adaptability and integration. Our model provides your business with a cost conscious blueprint that increases margins by eliminating manual waste.


portalPatient Portal:

An integrated portal allows for better communication with patients as it pertains to their treatment plan. Patients are also able to submit payments online, for balances due.






accessAnytime Access :

Operating on a cloud based platform allows you instant access, whenever you need it.
Real-time eligibility checks and centralized scheduling help boost productivity.



electronicElectronic Charge Capture:

You are able to provide a consistent influx of charges for both hospital and office procedures. Also, missing charge rates are greatly reduced.






claimElectronic Claims Submission:

The lifecycle of a claim is condensed, allowing for faster processing and payment of claims. This includes electronic submission workers compensation claims.*



cashInstant Cash:

Direct deposit of funds into your account eliminates paper checks and the manual processing/reconciliation of monies.



*Electronic submission of workers compensation claims currently available for California clients