Boutique services with a national reach: At PhySource, we understand that medical billing is a conventional trade that requires a modernized approach to effectively adapt with the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Long gone are the days of simply submitting a paper claim and waiting for a check to show up in your mailbox.


healthWe’ve got the goods! Our flashy technology helps us stay one step ahead of our competition. Manual workflows and processes are a drain on private practice and we’ve equipped our clients with the
electronic tools needed to combat decreasing margins.


The company you keep: We are only as good as the people who
support this organization. By continuously investing in the
development of our staff, we are able to remain confident in the production you expect. Employing stateside, in-house Certified Professional Coders and subject matter specialists in your specialty are keys to our success.


Customer Service: At the center of our business model is YOU (as in the collective “you”: managers, staff, patients etc.) Our full suite of
services includes:


*Interested in validating the above statements? Referrals available upon request