Patients aren’t the only ones with a chief complaint. Your skill is to diagnose the root cause of a patient’s ailing condition and provide appropriate treatment; our job is to identify the barriers preventing your practice from realizing financial success. We take an approach not to disrupt what is working, but rather reveal inefficiencies in process, workflow and technology that is depleting your financial reserves. Our goal is to provide you options to execute a scaled action plan.


meetMeet & Greet:

The foundation of any relationship is a great “fit”. Like a puzzle, two pieces must come together to fill a
void. Of the highest importance to us is customer service.






reviewReview of Systems:

Analyzing the business operations within your practice allows us to “get under the hood” and find the
pitfalls plaguing your practice.



revelThe Great Reveal:

A scaled action plan is presented based on level of involvement and budget. Together we establish
reasonable timelines and commitments. Conducting a Risk Management evaluation will outline areas of concern during execution of the action plan.






actionTake Action:

Step by step execution of process improvements based on goals set forth in the plan. Roles &
responsibilities of staff are established.



quantifyMeasure & Quantify:

Review results using report analytics including: FTE hour analysis, Policy and Procedure manuals,
minimum charge activity for sustainability etc.